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Fern Reiss solves problems.

“Fern Reiss helped our company with a book project for six months. She was totally professional and kept our project on schedule and on track. She even did several things that weren’t part of her job description—like getting me and the book a great mention in Forbes Magazine. We highly recommend her.”

— Horst Rechelbacher, Founder, Aveda Cosmetics and Intelligent Nutrients

“After Fern Reiss’s six-month book publicity campaign, my publisher had to print 3 times as many hardcover books as they had planned, and we are now planning a paperback edition, as well. Fern netted me many speaking engagements beyond those I would have gotten on my own, frequently at much more lucrative honoraria than I had received in the past. Her coordination of my campaign – managing the virtually countless details involved in interfacing both with the venues and the publisher—was remarkably efficient and effective, and was accomplished with reassuring calm and a consistently pleasant manner. The book industry is far more complex than I realized, and Fern’s publishing expertise made a huge difference in the success of the book. I wish that I had hired her before signing my publishing contract—and I wish that I could retain her forever.”

— Judy Klitsner, author, Subversive Sequels in the Bible,
Jewish Publication Society

“Fern’s workshop and consulting helped me develop my ideas to sell books to non-book stores.  With nearly 10,000 copies pre-sold even before the book was printed, the numbers speak for themselves!”

— Stuart Ballan, author of the Magic Pen and Paper series of children’s books

Fern Reiss solves publishing problems. Why not let her tackle yours?

If you’re frustrated by traditional advice, try working with someone less traditional. If you’re stuck, let Fern Reiss help you get unstuck. Sometimes, the easiest way through a problem is by going around it.

Speak to Fern directly—Hourly Consulting

Fern Reiss is the author of The Publishing Game series. Her publishing consulting rate is $300 per hour. (For Expertizing® consulting please see If you’d like to enlist her help in solving your publishing problems, just sign up for as many consulting hours as you'd like (as few as one) on our secure order form. Once you've registered, contact Alyza Harris ( to set up a convenient time for your telephone consultation.

Or put Fern on retainer as part of your team

You can also add Fern to your team on-retainer, for help with a short-term project. If you need expert help and advice on:

  • developing your book project strategically
  • crafting a query letter and proposal for a literary agent and publisher
  • orchestrating the self-publishing of your book
  • designing a publicity plan for your book and business
  • developing and executing a social media strategy (including search engine optimization, blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter)
  • planning a branding strategy for your business

consider adding Fern to your team on retainer, with telephone and email access as you need assistance. $1800/month, three-month minimum.

Or hire Fern for your project

Fern also takes on just a few special publishing/promotion/social media projects. If you need her expert help and advice, contact her about availability. $5000/month, two-month minimum.

Sign up for consulting time

“Fern Reiss does for publishing what Home Depot did for home improvement. Thanks, Fern, for demystifying the publishing process.”

— Paige Arnof-Fenn, CEO, Mavens & Moguls

“You’d think being a pediatrician would make me the perfect expert for an article about boys and reading. But even my twenty-five years of experience working with kids didn't compare to Fern Reiss’s 25 well-chosen words that landed the interview! But the good news is that the Expertizing workshop is a powerful antidote for worn-out words. I am landing many interviews with Fern Reiss's sound advice! Fantastic!”

— Cathryn Tobin, M.D., author of
The Parent’s Problem Solver

“My consultation with Fern boosted my confidence going into BookExpo. She informed me as to what to expect, what I should have on hand at all times (even while waiting in the coffee lines), and how to approach contacts that I would like to meet. Even though I am a small publishing house displaying among the “big guys”, Fern was always positive about my venture.”

— Sharon Debowski, Above the Clouds Publishing

“My consultation with Fern Reiss was one of the most productive hours that I have ever spent.”

— Vicky Oliver, author and advertising executive

“What’s the point of being an expert if no one knows you? Spend a little time with Fern Reiss and the rest of the world will want to spend a lot of time with you. One tip from Fern + one hour a week = national publicity! Thanks, Fern!”

— Diane Danielson, author of Table Talk: The Savvy Girl's Alternative to Networking

“Something clicked—suddenly I saw every previous query I’d written as too long, too much. I decided to test my new mojo with three journalist leads, and I am now talking to a writer for an article in the Chicago Tribune who responded immediately to my soundbite! It wasn’t even the best one! Woohooo! Thanks again, Fern!”

— Carol Setters, author of Trophy Wives

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